welcome to livarp_0.4

12wms inside: dvtm, vtwm, dwm, ratpoison, dwm_reloaded, wmfs2, spectrwm, awesome(by Aphelion), evilwm, pekwm, fluxbox & openbox.

livarp ?

livarp is a DEBIAN WHEEZY based distro.

livarp try to take the best part of available Debian GNU/Linux applications to run on small configuration without loosing accessibility or design.

special attention was paid to the documentation and livarp-help-center to let you discover the easiest way these 12 window managers.

livarp can handle PIV with 256M ram but is better with 512M ram. higher config are just bonus :).

  • livarp is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian Wheezy and built with the Debian Live project.
  • livarp is available in iso-hybrid format for cd/usb use with i386 machine.
  • livarp is delivered with kernel 486/686-pae
  • made by arpinux : arpinux@member.fsf.org
  • light, fast and stable: livarp is based on Debian Wheezy, one of the most stable distro atm..
  • anynoob-inside livarp is made for every user that can read and want to discover alternatives window-managers.
  • 12 sessions available from live to install: dvtm, vtwm, dwm, dwm_reloaded, spectrwm, ratpoison, awesomewm, evilwm, pekwm, wmfs, fluxbox and openbox.
  • livarp-xs-maker, this script transform your livarp in livarp-xs (mono-session) by removing all unneeded sessions.
  • livarp help center, a complete documentation available locally in your distribution.
  • livarp "clickme's", some script that allow you to easily install soft-packs.
  • composite managment with xcompmgr.
  • no graphical session-manager: your session is launched from tty by startx, then a clean dmenu popup to let you choose your session.
  • auto-mounting handled by udisks-glue with dzen2 notifications.
  • gnome-network-manager for network-management.

applications list

  • terminal: urxvtc/d
  • file-manager: rox-filer - ranger - mc
  • web-browser: firefox - elinks2
  • text-editor: geany - vim
  • office: evince - calcurse
  • graph: gthumb- gcolor2
  • tchat: weechat
  • mail: claws-mail
  • ftp: filezilla
  • torrent: transmission
  • media: gnome-mplayer - mocp - xfburn - oggconvert - winff
  • infos system: conky - htop - hardinfo
  • auto-mount: udisks-glue
  • utils: catfish - ncdu - pyrenamer - file-roller - fslint
  • system: synaptic - gparted - gdebi
  • menus: fbpanel - ratmenu - dmenu
  • panels: lxpanel - tint2
  • misc: xscreensaver - dzen2 - arandr


  • all non-free stuff removed
  • linux-libre kernel available after install
  • iso-hybrid format for cd/usb use
  • zsh as default shell
  • new gtk2/3 theme & wallpapers
  • improved conky's
  • new vim colorscheme
  • add advanced preview tools for ranger cli file-manager
  • clickme's : some scripts to easily install soft-packs
  • firefox as default web browser
  • grandr replaced by arandr
  • gpicview replaced by gthumb as default image viewer
  • brasero replaced by xfburn
  • basic firewall handled by iptables init.d script
  • added: gdebi, calcurse, mc, ratmenu, oggconvert, winff, fslint & vrms
  • removed: abiword/gnumeric, zenity, compiz-deskmenu, conky-switcher, tabdock & mcabber
  • new sessions: dvtm, ratpoison, dwm(pure), openbox & spectrwm
  • removed sessions: echinus & compiz-stand-alone
  • ... and some more :)

build your own livarp

if you want to build your own livarp (for example to have a 64bits release as i can't build it myself), follow this little howto (for Debian Wheezy system):

  • install dependancies: # apt-get install git live-build live-tools
  • clone livarp repository: $ git clone git://gitorious.org/livarp/livarp.git
  • browse livarp_04 directory and customize as you like. ex: to make a livarp_04_64bits, replace "i386" by "amd64" on the "architecture" options in the livarp/auto/config script.
    you could also remove 486 kernel on the "linux-flavours" options in the same script.
  • once modification saved, you can start build process:
    $ cd ~/livarp && sudo lb build
  • you should end up with a "binary.hybrid.iso" file. burn it or put on an usbdisk and enjoy your own livarp release.


livarp is not a 'real' distro... it's a wm's testing machine built on my free time :)
there is no dedicated forum, but feel free to contact me if you need help or have ideas to improve livarp.
take a look at the topbar to mail me or join the #livarp irc channel on freenode.